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7 Common Problems Students Face During University Life

Starting university is compared to starting a new chapter of life. When a student leaves home for university, it’s a new beginning, one that of self-discovery and self-reliance. Which shapes up the student outlook.

Majority of students are not usually prepared for challenges in the university life, hence get overwhelmed. Although they will eventually get comfortable, it’s better to prepare yourself, emotionally and mentally, for problems you may encounter at university.

Here are seven issues you should be ready for as a university student:

1. Adjusting to a New Life

Whether you are going back to campus after a long vacation at home or experiencing campus for the first time, you will need time for adjustments. The first year is often harder because of changes in routine. You should expect some shock to university culture. Why? Things are different compared to life at home. You should expect some experience such as tough exams and university essays. To overcome these, you remain confident that you will love and adjust to university life.

2. Homesickness

For it is the first time for most students stay away from their homes, homesick is one of the hardest to deal with. However, thanks to modern forms of communication, they are able to stay connected with their family members and friends over the internet.

3. Pressure of Studies

Most students usually pay their education expenses by themselves thus, they have a lot of pressure to get good grades. Even for those who do not pay for themselves experience educational and social repercussions of not succeeding in their studies. As a student, you should focus more on learning rather than good grades. Therefore, students should expect studies to be harder than before.

4. Finding New Friends

It is hard to make new friends at a new place, avoid thinking that it’s mandatory to fit in with people of different interests in order to acquire new friends at the university. You can only be yourself and you will find friends at the same time. You need to involve yourself in activities that like and be patient.

5. Housing Problems

You may get a place in the dorm or hostel, but it is hard to find student accommodation that is perfect for you. You are needed to consider a variety of factors such as rent rates, distance, facilities, and roommates. As a student, you should be ready to face accommodation problems. However, you can find a ready place before you leave home. Student accommodation has been a major challenge in the UK.

6. Cost of Education

Since the increase in the cost of higher education in the UK, students seeking professional counseling have significantly increased. Mental issues have also increased according to a survey by the National Students Union (NUS).

Therefore, the best way to avoid mental anxiety and making expenses worth is by enjoying university life. Focus on your studies as well as experience outside the class.

7. Time Management

From trying to study alone, doing required work, to managing a social life, to doing some job to cover expenses, students do not have time to manage and to think about their time. They fail to manage sleeping time and do almost everything at the last minute.

This behavior is unsustainable and you need to set a rough timetable, utilize your time more efficiently. You will be amazed at the amount of free time you will have.

Time spent in university comes with a happy experience and many memories but there are challenges at the beginning. If you are headed to university then this is helpful, it makes you more prepared to handle them.

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