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Ideas to Motivate High School Students

Motivating high school students could be one of the toughest tasks a parent or teacher could do without the necessary know-how. In this phase, most students find learning complicated, and they lack the motivation to put any effort into their studies. Additionally, most students view themselves as failures and develop the feeling that they cannot achieve. Consequently, most of them end up developing self-esteem issues. However, for a high school student to achieve good excess, they have to really keep themselves motivated and also require motivation from teachers and their parents. Though motivating them could be a difficult task, this article will give you in-depth ideas on how to motivate them. The following ideas will help you find ways of motivating high school students. Build a relationship with the students Teachers must strive first to build and maintain a positive relationship with their students. This can be done by knowing the students, however, does not only entail knowing the students’ names but also their interests, background, and their strengths and weaknesses. This will help the teacher earn their trust. Additionally, to build a good relationship with students, the teacher should always be willing to listen to the students’ views and opinions. A positive relationship with students make them feel accepted and appreciated and will be motivated to achieve access to make their parents down. Encourage and praise students You agree with me that everyone loves being praised. Praise your students occasionally. Usually, most students at the high school are adolescents and often seek approval and recognition. Recognizing them will make them fill valued and will consequently make them put more effort in school. Just saying “excellent,” “nice work” “you are brilliant” works wonders in motivation. Don’t compare the students Avoid comparing the students based on their education performances; this only destroys their motivation. Remember, students have different abilities, and some will always be ahead of the rest. Appreciate the student that is not a good performer by still recognizing their little improvements and achievements. This goes a long way in motivating that particular student. Give students incentives You can do this by setting goals and expectation for the students then promise to give incentives to those that meet them. Incentives usually motivate students to achieve set goals. Incentives can be small or large and could be given to either individuals or the whole class. For example, an Australian teacher can… Read more
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7 Common Problems Students Face During University Life

Starting university is compared to starting a new chapter of life. When a student leaves home for university, it’s a new beginning, one that of self-discovery and self-reliance. Which shapes up the student outlook. Majority of students are not usually prepared for challenges in the university life, hence get overwhelmed. Although they will eventually get comfortable, it’s better to prepare yourself, emotionally and mentally, for problems you may encounter at university. Here are seven issues you should be ready for as a university student: 1. Adjusting to a New Life Whether you are going back to campus after a long vacation at home or experiencing campus for the first time, you will need time for adjustments. The first year is often harder because of changes in routine. You should expect some shock to university culture. Why? Things are different compared to life at home. You should expect some experience such as tough exams and university essays. To overcome these, you remain confident that you will love and adjust to university life. 2. Homesickness For it is the first time for most students stay away from their homes, homesick is one of the hardest to deal with. However, thanks to modern forms of communication, they are able to stay connected with their family members and friends over the internet. 3. Pressure of Studies Most students usually pay their education expenses by themselves thus, they have a lot of pressure to get good grades. Even for those who do not pay for themselves experience educational and social repercussions of not succeeding in their studies. As a student, you should focus more on learning rather than good grades. Therefore, students should expect studies to be harder than before. 4. Finding New Friends It is hard to make new friends at a new place, avoid thinking that it’s mandatory to fit in with people of different interests in order to acquire new friends at the university. You can only be yourself and you will find friends at the same time. You need to involve yourself in activities that like and be patient. 5. Housing Problems You may get a place in the dorm or hostel, but it is hard to find student accommodation that is perfect for you. You are needed to consider a variety of factors such as rent rates, distance, facilities, and roommates. As a student, you should be ready to… Read more
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How to Study Like a Pro at Our School

Whether you’re a middle school student or a college student, you’ve probably wanted to know how you could study better and more efficiently. Who wouldn’t want to learn more and get better grades? While there isn’t a magical formula that automatically helps you remember answers or learn a bunch of information, there are some tips and tricks that can. Medical and Law students have to retain tons of information. Over the years, many of them have developed tips and tricks that can help anyone learn how to study like a pro. It isn’t that difficult, it just takes some time and intentionality. Organize, Organize, Organize If you’re disorganized, it is almost impossible to prioritize what you want to study or even know where to begin. Below are some organizational tips that will ensure you make the most out of your time. 1. Organize your notes. If you don’t know what to study or what topic an idea falls under, you won’t be able to learn the material effectively. Use a computer or notebook to keep and organize class and reading notes. 2. Declutter your desk. Having a place where you can study without distraction is extremely important to retaining information. Move all of the trash and gadgets out of your study area. 3. Have the tools you need. You wouldn’t fix a car without any tools, right? If you’re looking around for a highlighter or pen while you’re studying, you’re wasting time. These three vital tasks will ensure that you can make the most of the time you set aside for studying. Train Your Brain to Study Like a Pro While you can spend hours and hours looking at the material, it only counts if you remember it. That is why people who retain tons of information have developed ways to more easily memorize and recall it. 1. Make mnemonics. A mnemonic is a small phrase or story that can help you remember a term. When you hear the word, you are reminded of the story and can recall what you need to. 2. Spaced Repetition. If you look at material multiple times across several days. Your brain has a greater chance to process and retain the information. 3. Acronyms. When you have a list of information to memorize, a word or phrase can be used to remind you of the first letter of a fact or idea. To learn… Read more
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Finding Success in our High School.

High school is definitely one of those exciting periods in life that are full of discoveries and is a time when a lot of general molding takes place. This is a time when you need to start making careful decisions as some of these significantly get to affect the rest or part of your life right into adulthood or even old age; start taking those small steps towards achieving your future goals. Success in high school is relative to different people; the world is fast evolving and so are goals and objectives of different personalities. It’s no longer just about good grades but shaping an entire personality to enable you to fit into modern society. So let’s give some general direction to finding success in high school. Do you want to be in high school? Early exposure through modern technologies and notable access to the internet has led many teenagers to set early targets as to what they want for their future. Hard as it is to say you may not feel like high school education is relevant to what you want to do in the future. It feels like you are being forced to be there; – It is important to understand that this is an important stepping stone to enable you access higher levels of education which gives you better chances at success in whatever you engage in; it helps sharpen your general life skills and identify various avenues to achieving your goals. If one truly appreciates this then you will be more comfortable in the setting and free your mind of possible distractions. Learn to ask Society has led us to believe that asking is a weakness or a sign of weakness; it is not: – Asking questions whether academic or otherwise is the key to understanding and personally internalizing what you are being taught and also helps you decipher the world around you. – You get to understand things from your perspective and are able to answer exam questions from your own perspective as opposed to copy pasting. – You will also be able to engage more maturely and learn from mistakes. It’s not just about class There is a whole range of co-curricular activities offered in different school and this helps in identifying various talents as well as having a fully baked product at the end of the cycle. There will always be something of… Read more