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Finding Success in our High School.

High school is definitely one of those exciting periods in life that are full of discoveries and is a time when a lot of general molding takes place. This is a time when you need to start making careful decisions as some of these significantly get to affect the rest or part of your life right into adulthood or even old age; start taking those small steps towards achieving your future goals.

Success in high school is relative to different people; the world is fast evolving and so are goals and objectives of different personalities. It’s no longer just about good grades but shaping an entire personality to enable you to fit into modern society.

So let’s give some general direction to finding success in high school.

Do you want to be in high school?

Early exposure through modern technologies and notable access to the internet has led many teenagers to set early targets as to what they want for their future. Hard as it is to say you may not feel like high school education is relevant to what you want to do in the future. It feels like you are being forced to be there;

– It is important to understand that this is an important stepping stone to enable you access higher levels of education which gives you better chances at success in whatever you engage in; it helps sharpen your general life skills and identify various avenues to achieving your goals. If one truly appreciates this then you will be more comfortable in the setting and free your mind of possible distractions.

Learn to ask

Society has led us to believe that asking is a weakness or a sign of weakness; it is not:

– Asking questions whether academic or otherwise is the key to understanding and personally internalizing what you are being taught and also helps you decipher the world around you.

– You get to understand things from your perspective and are able to answer exam questions from your own perspective as opposed to copy pasting.

– You will also be able to engage more maturely and learn from mistakes.
It’s not just about class
There is a whole range of co-curricular activities offered in different school and this helps in identifying various talents as well as having a fully baked product at the end of the cycle. There will always be something of interest to you outside class;

– It is up to you to join some of these activities be it playing Rugby, Soccer, joining the drama club, swimming, hockey, the list goes on and on.

– Some of these activities are more challenging than even academic work and bring out characteristics in you which sometimes you did not even know existed. The physical activities also contribute to better mental wellness and may even boost your grades.

Align your activities with your future goals

Pick subjects and other activities that will help you achieve your life objectives. Life is like a building that starts from the foundation upwards. If you have a problem with the foundation then you will have a problem with the entire building.

Take your time and explore everything that high school has to offer, put your mind to it and you will be good to go.

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