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Ideas to Motivate High School Students

Motivating high school students could be one of the toughest tasks a parent or teacher could do without the necessary know-how. In this phase, most students find learning complicated, and they lack the motivation to put any effort into their studies. Additionally, most students view themselves as failures and develop the feeling that they cannot achieve. Consequently, most of them end up developing self-esteem issues. However, for a high school student to achieve good excess, they have to really keep themselves motivated and also require motivation from teachers and their parents. Though motivating them could be a difficult task, this article will give you in-depth ideas on how to motivate them. The following ideas will help you find ways of motivating high school students. Build a relationship with the students Teachers must strive first to build and maintain a positive relationship with their students. This can be done by knowing the students, however, does not only entail knowing the students’ names but also their interests, background, and their strengths and weaknesses. This will help the teacher earn their trust. Additionally, to build a good relationship with students, the teacher should always be willing to listen to the students’ views and opinions. A positive relationship with students make them feel accepted and appreciated and will be motivated to achieve access to make their parents down. Encourage and praise students You agree with me that everyone loves being praised. Praise your students occasionally. Usually, most students at the high school are adolescents and often seek approval and recognition. Recognizing them will make them fill valued and will consequently make them put more effort in school. Just saying “excellent,” “nice work” “you are brilliant” works wonders in motivation. Don’t compare the students Avoid comparing the students based on their education performances; this only destroys their motivation. Remember, students have different abilities, and some will always be ahead of the rest. Appreciate the student that is not a good performer by still recognizing their little improvements and achievements. This goes a long way in motivating that particular student. Give students incentives You can do this by setting goals and expectation for the students then promise to give incentives to those that meet them. Incentives usually motivate students to achieve set goals. Incentives can be small or large and could be given to either individuals or the whole class. For example, an Australian teacher can… Read more